Traffic laws and Indiscipline



7.48 am on a Monday morning; the traffic jam between CMS bus stop and Bonny cantonment is a hideous sight as is expected. Cars are moving dangerously close to each other, horns are honked repeatedly, drivers are struggling to squeeze into faster moving lanes and the ones who lack discipline are seen swerving into the BRT lanes and competing with the rightful owners of the lane. The road signs placed at strategic points along the lane clearly state the fine for defaulters so we wonder, “What is the problem?”

In a bid to explain the unending traffic congestions that afflict the city, there have been claims that Lagos is overpopulated hence the problem. However, it is only wise to put into consideration that the refusal to obey the law most times leads to these clogs in easy access of roads.

For instance, a drive from Ajah to Lekki as early as 6am on a typical week day paints a basic illustration about the true nature of indiscipline among drivers. A first time user plying that route will be unable to decipher the exact number of lanes the road is supposed to have. Every visible space is utilized without the thought that it may be hindering the free flow of traffic.

Even though a vast majority of people are guilty of this act in the very city that belongs to them, they obey the traffic laws whenever they have the opportunity of driving outside the state or country. It portrays the idea that we do not have respect for our own Lagos state, our fellow citizens or the law.

Traffic laws are developed and put into place to guide and protect citizens and obeying these laws will always be for the benefit of us all. If a traffic light turns red, it is not safe to speed past it because it may lead to an accident and if there are two clear-cut lanes on a road, there must a reason why.

The government cannot force us to take decisions, it is in our hands. Let us endeavour to take responsibility for our city in our own little ways to make it a more beautiful place for our own good.

So, what steps do you think we can take personally to curb our indiscipline? Share your thoughts!


Spirit of Lagos

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One thought on “Traffic laws and Indiscipline

  1. Toyin Okunola

    This write-up hit the nail on the head. There is so much lawlessness and lack of respect for the law among us. If we can just work on ourselves and make the effort to be selfless for once, I am sure there will be a change for the better no matter how little.


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