Spirit of Lagos: Unfaltering


Lagos has always been a commercial hub blessed with an array of indulgences that have heralded a continuous influx of people from home and abroad, on a quest to have the ultimate experience. While we began to compare the Lagos of old to the new Lagos, it became clear that the city was far from what it used to be. History was gradually fizzling out and nostalgia was beginning to be exclusive to only those who remembered what it used to be like or had a vivid imagination from stories they had been told. It was time to initiate a process for the preservation of rights, developing our communities, giving back, maintaining  law and order and living along the guidelines of the golden rule ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. The central message was “CHANGE YOUR THINKING”.

Series of awareness campaigns got people revved up to fight through shared effort for the restoration and protection of the values of Lagos state. There were events, competitions, interactive sessions, road shows and several activities that kept the laudable mission in the limelight with an unbelievable level of outreach. The fire fueled by passion was unquenchable in the hearts of many as all and sundry discovered the need to bring back the Lagos of our dreams. The ideas of social justice, civic responsibility, good neighbourliness and citizenship were gradually engrained into the consciousness of the people as they understood the benefits of contributing to the upliftment of their beloved Eko.

Today, we are still brimming with enthusiasm, dedication and an overwhelming sense of identity. The powerful surge of determination is ever present and the onus rests on us all to continue to work as one community for the greater good of all. Obedience to the traffic laws, keeping our environments clean, showing empathy for one another, living with the consciousness that Lagos is ours to care for, etcetera, are some of the valuable rules we have lived by and will continue to abide by.

We, as ‘Lagosians’ and lovers of Lagos, are responsible for the everlasting Spirit of Lagos.

The realization that we all have the power to make our lives easier by collectively taking a stance that ensures better living triggers a feeling of hope and forthcoming accomplishment and seeing results from our combined efforts makes it all worthwhile.

Do the right thing. CHANGE YOUR THINKING. There is great joy and benefit in upholding the values of our great Lagos state.


Spirit of Lagos

Restore. Share. Protect.

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